**2019 Golf Season Prep Special!** 10% OFF 6-Week "ON-DEMAND" Golf Performance Training Plans Through June 15, 2019!! (applies to first-time clients only)

Experience Your Best Swing Ever

On-demand and 1-on-1 golf performance training from highly experienced professionals using the best golf performance system in the world.

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  • Erase your swing problems at the source by identifying and correcting key movement patterns 
  • Train with a done-for-you, laser-focused plan.  
  • There's no thinking or planning on your part. I will hand you the "keys" to a better swing
  • Feel more freedom and power in your swing
  • Experience fast gains in balance and learn how to maintain them
  • Get quick mobility improvements and keep them over the long-term


  • EFFECTIVE- Immediately, we discover what's disrupting your swing, and focus on correcting it.  
  • EFFICIENT- No time is wasted. We won't take a "shotgun" approach.  This is specific to you, your body and your swing.
  • AFFORDABLE- Get a Body-Swing Connection Screen and a 6-week on-demand golf performance training package that's created specifically for you, and priced well below the cost of a general fitness personal trainer. 
  • EXCLUSIVE- The Body-Swing Connection Screen and intensely customized training offered is not available anywhere else in the Greater Crystal Lake Area. Fit Lab Golf Performance is located inside the Golf Academy at Terra Cotta at 5200 Pleasant Hill Road, Prairie Grove, IL.
  • FREE CONSULTATIONS- Including a FREE Body-Swing Connection Screen and "quick wins" based on your results.


Stop guessing what to do to improve your golf swing. Get a FREE SCREEN and save 10% on a custom training plan from a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Professional.

On-Demand 6-Week Training Package

Take your new custom golf workout with you anywhere- the gym, home, or on vacation!  There's no guessing what to do next- this is a "done-for-you" video-demonstrated plan.  Train on your own using a state-of-the-art on-demand system that's customized specifically to your needs. Available from any device. Includes a free consultation, TPI Body-Swing Connection Screen, coaching support, and a 6-week workout plan.

**10% Off through Feb. 15, 2019!** (first-time clients only)

$159 for your first 6-week plan

$99 for future screening & plans

(Add $39 to include a TPI Power/Strength Screen and additional workout plan)

Private 1-On-1 Training for Adults

Train 1 on 1 with the owner and golf fitness expert, Ed Kirkpatrick.  Experience incredible improvements in the least amount of time, and learn how to maintain your gains for the long-term. Includes all screens, the on-demand workout plans for mobility and power*, and coaching support beyond our sessions.

All-inclusive training packages available from $499 to $899

Private Elite Junior Golf Training for Ages 14 to 17

Providing an incredible competitive edge to junior golf athletes, private training with Ed Kirkpatrick is centered around the Body-Swing Connection. The goal is to build your elite junior competitive golfer into a powerful, balanced, and confident ball striker.  Elite Junior Golf Training begins with the screening of mobility, balance, strength and power, providing a very specific starting point for each athlete. This is a highly customized 1-on-1golf training experience that gets results.  

All-inclusive training packages available from $349 to $699


...and here's how to get started right now:

Click the button below to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION.  We'll meet at the Golf Academy at Terra Cotta and talk about what's important to you, where you feel your body is affecting your swing, and if I can help you play better golf.  I'll give you a FREE BODY-SWING CONNECTION SCREEN and let you know where you're moving well and not so well. I'll teach you some "quick wins" (which is my favorite part!) based on your screen results and what I see as the most significant block to your best golf swing. If we both feel we're a great fit, you decide which training package is best for you. I'll deliver your custom plan within 24 hours.


"Ed Kirkpatrick at Fit Lab Golf Performance is a fabulous trainer who can put together a workout plan for anyone at any level. The facilities at the Golf Academy at Terra Cotta are comfortable and have all the required equipment. It would be hard to find a better coach or place to meet for your workout needs."

Ed W.
Retired Pilot

"I would definitely recommend Ed Kirkpatrick at Fit Lab Golf Performance to train your kids. Ed is a TPI Level 3 Certified Instructor and he really knows his stuff. He has helped my son gain a lot of strength and flexibility, which has helped him tremendously! During last winter’s off season, my son worked with Ed and he gained 30 yards on his driver and about 20 yards on his irons. "

Eric K.
Sales Manager

"Ed Kirkpatrick is a knowledgeable and personable fitness expert who has been helping to accelerate my recovery from an injury while also developing golf specific flexibility, strength, and balance."

Jeff J.

"I've been working with Ed for 2 years. I really appreciate how he has streamlined my off season workout program to be as efficient and golf specific as possible."

Mike H.
PGA Golf Pro

"“I've been working with Trainer Ed for over a year now and he is AMAZING. He always takes his clients concerns first. His knowledge and array of training strategies and tools are unmatched in the northwest suburbs. "

Dan B.
Police Sergeant

"Ed is very knowledgeable about fitness especially as it pertains to the golf swing. He listens and adjusts according to your needs. Overall a great experience, will continue to use in the future."

Jeff S.
Owner, Oasis Sales

"I would just like to say that Mr. Ed Kirkpatrick has helped with my golf performance. In addition to the workouts at The Golf Academy at Terra Cotta, he has set up a supplemental workout routine thst I can utilize with my home gym equipment. I feel like I am getting more fit, gaining strength and more flexibility. I am hitting the ball farther and as an added bonus farther than my Dad now!! I highly recommend Ed Kirkpatrick's services to anybody. Thank you Mr. Kirkpatrick."

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