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Ed is very knowledgeable about fitness

Ed is very knowledgeable about fitness especially as it pertains to the golf swing. Listens and adjusts according to your needs. Overall a great experience, will continue to use in the future. Jeff S. 7/6/17 on Google


Amazing result instantly!!

I've been working with Coach Ed for approximately 1 1/2 years on the fitness and nutrition side. I had my first golf lesson with Coach Ed on Tuesday June 20th. We worked on one simple aspect of my golf swing, my hand position on the golf club. Seriously, amazing result instantly!! Played 18 holes yesterday and while I had a few bad shots my game was more consistent than it's ever been and I'm easily hitting my clubs 20-30 yards further. Can't wait for my next lesson!!! . Dan B. 6/24/17



Ed has been very helpful in encouraging the small daily habits. The program he uses is very approachable--not overwhelming at all. I love that it deals with my whole approach to life instead of just fitness. Ed is a very genuine person--never intimidating or demeaning. I highly recommend him if you're looking for a coach whether you're a beginner or just looking for some help to better your personal fitness routines. Jasmine A. on 12/09/2016 (Published on RateABiz)



This is more than a review, this is a true story. Recently in the Chicagoland area we had a few nice snowstorms providing us with several inches of snow. Being the father of 4 of which two are under six years of age it provided us with an opportunity to go sledding. We arrived at the hill (Randall Oaks) and began our fun. I joined in the fun and went down and up the hill for an hour or so alongside my kids. While doing this is noticed a father who would engage with his kids at the top of the hill but never went down with them. I thought to myself geeze...That was me a year ago. Now I'm part of the fun. I even had to carry my son up the hill a few times (my cardio for the day). Trainer Ed is awesome and I've come SO far from a year ago. A heart felt thank you to Trainer Ed for changing my life. Daniel B. on 12/30/2016 (Published on RateABiz)



I've been working with Trainer Ed through Pro-Coach Precision Nutrition (PN) for the last month. This program has been amazing. I am no stranger to the latest fad diet trend. This program is completely different. PN focuses on your thoughts, attitudes, behaviors and your personal and nutritional end goals. I would sum it up as a Cognitive Behavioral approach to nutrition and healthy eating. This program is simple, easy, and it does not take much time out of your day. It does not completely eliminate any food group. You don't have to buy special foods or products in order to participate in the program. PN's concepts are so simple and easy to practice because the program focuses on one small change every two weeks. I receive a daily e-mail with a lesson and a link to check in with PN. Trainer Ed often leaves me encouraging words and feedback after the lessons are completed. If you miss a day, you can go into the program the next day to catch up. Just to be clear, I am a working mother with two small children. I'm a busy person who is looking to improve my nutrition and fitness level. I'm also looking to teach healthy habits to my children and family. This program has already given me some basic yet very effective tools to improve my nutritional habits. PN has also made me hopeful that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle once I have reached my goals. In addition, the PN process has motivated me to look at daily habit that aren't directly tied to nutrition in order to make positive changes for my life, my work and my family. Let me give you a practical example. I wanted to eat more healthy foods and less junk food. I also wanted to start eating more family dinners to introduce a healthier lifestyle to my family. These goals have a lead me to 1) go to sleep earlier, giving me more energy and patience throughout the day, 2) become more organized by using a weekly & monthly planner to schedule workouts and create a weekly family meal plan and grocery list, 3) create a motivational poster to put up in my locker at work reminding me why I want to eat healthy and work out, 4) check multiple items off of my to-do list, including making doctors appointments that were long overdue, 5) create a paradigm shift for myself at work, leading to small changes that will make a big difference in my job satisfaction, 6) make time for myself to exercise, meditate, take a nap… All resulting in a better version of me to share with my family and workplace. All of that, and it's only been a month. I can't wait to see what the next 11 months bring! I highly recommend this program and Trainer Ed. Angela B. on 01/03/2017 (Published on RateABiz)



I've been working with Fit Lab since December 1, 2016. Over the last 4 months I have lost 13 pounds and 18 inches of girth. I have gone down in clothes sizes and my clothes fit so much better. I feel stronger and more fit than I have in a long time. I have regained my self confidence, my hormonal shifts have regulated and I have more energy. I am also a better role model for my kids.



Ed is the best trainer. Has a passion for what he does, always working to see you improve. Very positive, encouraging and keeps on top of new trends in fitness. Jon S. on 12/12/2015 (Published on RateABiz)



My husband has worked with Trainer Ed for a year now, and he has displayed dramatic improvement in fitness, strength and nutrition. I was inspired to rekindle my own fitness program, but I have time constraints that make it difficult to regularly meet with a personal trainer or a nutritionist. Enter ProCoach Precision Nutrition (PN). Trainer Ed offers this on-line nutrition coaching program and it is exactly what I need to increase my motivation and offer personal accountability. PN is more than just an educational nutrituion program. It leads you through a series of webinars that encourage you to explore your goals. It focuses on long-term behavior change using a "one habit method." So far, I am enjoying the program. It appears to be catered to my short and long term goals. PN works together with Trainer Ed to define my strengths, increase my knowledge, motivate me and fully engage me in the program. Looking forward to this process!! Angela B. on 12/06/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

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