About Us

About Us

I help men and women from 30-70 experience real, lasting change for their bodies and health.

My custom online service encourages positive and life-changing eating and exercise habits without restrictive dieting or supplements.

ProCoach is a fitness plan that gives you all of the tools you need to lose weight, be fit and experience the healthiest version of you. Here, we prepare a schedule for you in order to assist you attain your fitness goals, where every eating and workout detail is taken care of, meticulously planned, customized to your needs and goals, and we deliver it to your email .Here is the process of losing weight with no stress involved.

You won't be doing the journey alone. I will be your personal nutrition & weight loss and fitness coach, present each day to keep you on track, motivated, answer your questions, and provide meaningful support.

Nutrition & Weight Loss

Contact us at 815-529-9458

My name is Ed Kirkpatrick

certified nutrition and fitness professional and proud owner of FIT LAB, LLC. I believe each of my clients is an individual with specific goals and needs. My coaching style is very holistic, compassionate and respectful, molded over 27 years of educating and coaching first responders.

I have partnered with the world-renowned company, Precision Nutrition, to deliver the cutting-edge body transformation program called "ProCoach". Its exercise, diet and nutrition plans are delivered to you exclusively online and available from any device.

I'm looking forward to coaching you through your journey!

Coach Ed Kirkpatrick, NSCA-CPT, ACE-HC, PN1

"Commit to be Fit!"

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